About LGS


Introducing Sun Body Israel Ltd. under the trademark LGS (Luxury Guest Supply) is a long-standing cosmetics importer, which has been operating in the hotel and international hospitality sector for many years. Our aims are to upgrade the hospitality experience of your customers.

The company main specializations are, in the procedures for locating, importing and licensing cosmetic products (Hotel Amenities), which are found in hotel rooms; Shampoo, Shower gel, Hair conditioner, Body lotion and hard and fragrant soaps.

You can also order from us all the accompanying comfort products, which are imported on current basis and are always in stock, such as: bath caps, sewing kits, dental kits, personal comfort kits, beauties, shaving kits, etc.

With us you will also find a complete solution to the issue of textiles, towels in various sizes and at the 5-star level, bathrobes and bath mats, sheets, pillows and a lot more.

In concentrated and ongoing orders from international textile factories, from around the world, you will enjoy the quality and service of the leading international chains.

We guarantee service and close accompaniment to those hotels that choose to give their guests a different, personal and special hospitality experience, by upgrading and paying special attention to the comfort and spa products in their room suite.

Our respected customers, who lead the hotel industry, are our best business card and they will testify to the accuracy and professionalism in supply planning and the high and uncompromising level of personal service, which we provide them over the years.

We will be happy to meet and introduce to you, our rich and wide portfolio.